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Engineering Design & Drafting Services 

Upon confirmation of the project requirements, your assigned Designer / Product Engineer will turn your ideas into design blueprint for your project submission to relevant approving authorities. 

During this Design Phase, your assigned Designer / Product Engineer can also propose alternative solution to meet project deadline in view of the ever-changing global logistical challenges.


Thermal hotspot in equipment can tell tales, and provide relevant forecast if a piece of component or equipment is reaching its limitation.

If you notice abnormality operating symptoms, or there is equipment that is too valuable to be out of action, arranging for our Authorised Thermographer to provide a Thermoscanning session of your equipment is a well invested preventive maintenance.

Upon obtaining the thermal images, our Qualified Thermographer will provide detailed analysis on the thermal images and provide an itemised thermography report with advised action plan.

Our team of Service Engineers, Technicians and Service Crews are available for scheduled Annual (or Bi-annual) for you Main Switch Room equipment.

Main Switchboard (MSB), Emergency Switchboard (EMSB), Motor Control Center (MCC) are the equipment serviceable.

Scope includes general cleaning of the MSB, EMSB, MCC, as well as speciality cleaning, regreasing of Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB). 

The functionality of each ACB, MCCB, as well as their incorporated earth protection devices (OCEF, EF, ELR) will be tested, and their itemised test report provided.


Maintaining 3-Phase Load Balancing of a Building (Commercial Building, Factory, Production Plant), is ideal to ensure efficient use of your Switchgear Equipment. 

As the Building Facilities (or Equipment) changes, these balancing needs to keep up.

A Power Quality Analysis of your Switchgear Equipment and make certain of the present 3-Phase Loading, and current lead/lag situation.

Analysis can be performed over a duration of 24-hours, 72-hours, or 7-days. Charted reports from analysis will provide info on peak usage, low demand period, load balancing, current lead/lag, which allows you to plan for optimisation and future expansion.


In the event of an Equipment Failure, our Service Crew can provide Emergency Response for Ad-Hoc Troubleshooting and Replacement.

A faulty circuit breaker, or a faulty earth protection device can bring your Switchgear Equipment down, causing end user with a power outage.

A faulty fan control panel can result in your building Cooling System (Air-con) to malfunction, resulting in unhappy shoppers in your mall.

Our Qualified Service Crew, and our well stocked replacement spare parts may tide you through these emergencies, reducing any downtime inconvenience.

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